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Crocodile in the Water, Tiger on the Bank: Common Bengali Proverbs

By Matt Yarrington (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: 2008 No. of Pages: 128 Weight (kg): 0.5


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Here is a collection of more than 40 commonly used proverbs which you can learn and use in a very short time. This book is for English speakers who would like to learn a few Bengali proverbs or sayings. Each proverb takes just a few pages to learn. Besides including a cultural insight, each section also contains Bengali Tips as a guide for those people who happen to be learning the Bengali language. These proverbs have been checked with locals not just for meanings, but for usage frequency. The proverbs in this book are not relics of history-they are currently used and understood by Bangladeshis. Whether you know Bengali or not, these phrases provide great conversation starters with your Bengali friends and co-workers. Neatly presented in an easy-to-grasp format, you can learn to use these sayings quickly. Whether you have never been to Bangladesh, have lived there for many years, or have family and friends there, Crocodile in the Water, Tiger on the Bank will give you insights into the rich culture of Bangladesh.



1.Dui Noukae pa diyeche /  2. Dudher machi / 3.Pukur churi koreche / 4. Bagher dudh / 5. Mosha marte Kaman daga / 6. Rokter tan ache / 7. Joto gorje toto borshe na / 8. Akash patal tofat! / 9. Pagol kin na bole, chhagole kin a khay / 10. Pach angul soman hoy na / 11. Jaemon kukur, taemon mugur / 12. Nai mamar chaite kana mama bhalo / 13. Ek Lafe tal gache ota jae na / 14. Angul kolagach hoyeche / 15. Ek hate tali baje na / 16. Amra kater dehki / 17. Ghorar dim pabe / 18. Apon pa-e kural marlo / 19. Tomar akkel dat ute ni? / 20. Ek maghe sheet jae na / 21. Ek dhile dui pakhi mereche / 22. Ghora dingi-e ghash khawa tik na / 23. Kata diye kata tulte hobe / 24. Jae din bhalo, ashe din kharap / 25. Shei gure bali / 26. Chacha apon poran bacha / 27. Chokher porda nei / 28. Amar chokhe dhula dite parbe na / 29. Jole kumir danga-e bagh / 30. Shak diye mach Dhaka jae na / 31. Shat jorme-o bhabi ni! / 32. Hate kolome shikhte hobe / 33. Take hate-nate  dhoreche / 34. Tar shonge amar ota bosha ache / 35. Tar barota baje geche  / 36. Chor palale buddhi bare / 37. Jor jar muluk tar / 38. Jane pani peyechi / 39. Tomake moja dekhabo! / 40. Akash kushum kolpona.

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