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Cover Type: HB

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Quamrul Hassan

Publisher(s): International Centre for Bengal Studies   

First Published: 1997 No. of Pages: 107 Weight (kg): 0.5


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Do you know the extent to which one can pardon? Do you know of some acts which can never be pardoned? Quamrul Hassan, magnanimous Quamrul Hassan could never pardon some acts. Hatred and bitterness, curses and satire made his wrist strong, his pen sharp, his brush intense. He did not pardon the Pakistan of 1971, the man-made famine of 1974, his former beloved, the arch shameless dictator. Do you know his eyes stiffened into stone hatred and bitterness? Day and night he heard laughter of tigers and jackals and crocodiles and monkeys and donkeys and snakes. He saw darkness and darkness, Darkness, only darkness.


1. Quarnrul Hassan / 2. A Critic of Frustration: Quamrul Hassan / 3. The Jackals of Quamrul Hassan / 4. Poems of Hatred And Anger / 5. Use of National Entity In Quamrul Hassan’s Works / 6. Subject Matter Of His Vorks / 7. In The Empire Of His Gaze / 8. Quarnrul Hassan’s Field-Works / 9. Art Itself Is Criticism / 10. Political Art.

This book features in: Lifestyle Art and Culture

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